exclamation, informal.

    1. used as a friendly greeting


    2. the abbrevation of the state of Hawaii: the beautiful place in which we live.


    3. a Hawaiian lifestyle boutique with a unique and modern bent

Hawaii Says Hi is a small business established in Hawaii with the express purpose of spreading aloha through offering a curated mix of items with a unique and modern bent to them. Some products have been designed and created in house while others are hand picked from local businesses throughout the islands. While the majority of what we look to offer at "Hawaii says Hi" are locally made products, we have come across other items which are so complementary to Hawaii living we felt it necessary to offer both to our local and online community.


Hawaii says Hi came about when two long-time family friends teamed up thereby combining a wide variety of skill sets each one brought to the table. It’s a platform to express creativity and share some of our favorite items with both locals and visitors.


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