exclamation, informal.

    1. used as a friendly greeting


    2. the abbrevation of the state of Hawaii: the beautiful place in which we live.

    3. a Hawaiian lifestyle boutique with a unique and modern bent

Hawaii Says Hi is a small business established in Hawaii with the express purpose of spreading aloha through offering a curated mix of items setting you up for success for more sustainable living. Some products have been designed and created in house while others are hand picked from local businesses throughout the islands. While the majority of what we look to offer at "Hawaii says Hi" are locally made products, we have come across other items which are ethically made and so complementary to Hawaii living we felt it necessary to offer both to our local and online community.

Over the past number of months we’ve been stretched to consider whether we, on an island so heavily reliant on tourism, can be sustainable. That word “sustain” has struck us to the core & expanded our vision as we move forward and have moved spaces (one shop over - still within the walls of Warehouse 3540). We still carry authentic enduring goods from textiles to skin care to jewelry and art we create in house. Recognizing the need to serve our community first and foremost we have also significantly expanded our vision to include how we care for our homes and ohana by offering sustainable bulk cleaning products. A portion of our new shop is now dubbed CLEAN. KAUAI and includes the first refill station on our island where you can bring in your own bottle (or purchase a reusable glass one from us) then simply refill what you need - all-purpose spray, hand soap, dish soap etc etc. - and pay per ounce. Ingredient transparency is ultra important so we can all rest assured we’re not exposing our families to more toxins and the line we carry is all about that. We’re dually impressed with the proven track record of the cleaning products we offer to powerfully clean without the harsh chemicals. Our motto with all of it? • LIVE CLEAN • in products we use to clean our homes, what we put on our skin, what we choose to purchase, how we leave the earth for generations to come, in our relationships. It's all very intertwined and significantly matters to us. We sure don't claim to have perfected it in any of these areas but we're learning and growing and desire to set you up for success to do the same. 


• To inspire others to live functionally beautiful lives making the most of the small moments that often happen within the very walls of the homes we create. 

• We encourage less waste and more sustainable living.

• We support both local makers and fair-trade artisans from afar.

• We value simplicity, a slower lifestyle and kindness. 

• We adore lovely scents, textures, natural colors and clean design. 

• We care deeply about the whole of our community from kupuna (elderly) to the next generations

• We are grateful for LIFE and creativity & opportunity